If you’re keen to be a blogger but somehow haven’t quite got started, follow these quick-fire tips from Mark Anderson to help you on your way…

Where to start?

Decide on your platform: wordpress.com is very popular, free, has lots of templates to choose from and is easy to use and pick up.

How much should I write?

Some of the best blogs are short and to the point, so aim to keep your blog posts to no more than 600-800 words. You could write more but any longer can make it onerous and long to read for your audience.

How often?

Don’t feel compelled to write something every day or even every week. Many teachers who blog aim to have a regular schedule. It helps build an audience if they know when you are going to post.

Who is the blog for?

Imposter syndrome can be a block for many, so write for yourself. Use the space to reflect on your practice and don’t be afraid to share failure as well as success, as this can be even more helpful.


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