A discussion of how games can support learning outcomes plus some helpful resources to support, from Neeru Mittal.

There is enough research-backed evidence that using games in teaching can help increase student engagement, foster social and emotional learning, and motivate students to achieve more. It has even been found that games can improve students’ attitudes towards their studies and help enhance their learning outcomes. It has also been observed that digital games can improve focus for students with ADHD and that students with dyslexia can benefit too, by improving spatial and temporal attention. Having said that, gaming does not mean merely providing a funfactor to lessons. Games cannot be used as substitutes for learning; instead, they need to be well planned and used with pedagogy in mind. Also, they need to be aligned with your learning objectives.


Owing to the vast digitisation of society, digital gamification is the most popular choice for teachers. There is a plethora of gaming tools available. Using quizzing tools like Kahoot, Quizizz, Google Forms etc., teachers can easily add gamification to their formative assessments.

Many other tools like Educandy, Hot Potatoes, Blender and Wordwall can be used by teachers to create their own games based on the learning objectives of their respective subjects.

Being a Computer Science Teacher, I have developed a number of games based on Python. These have not only enhanced my teaching and learning and improved my students’ outcomes, but they are also being used by a number of students and teachers across the globe. In addition, these games have helped our pupils with special educational needs achieve their own learning goals.


Here are some of my resources that you can use to enhance learning with gaming:


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