How to harness the power of social media to develop connections with your whole school community, from Evo Hannan.

One of the most important aspects of a school is its relationships – between students, teachers, leaders, parents, and the wider community. Developing meaningful connections often starts by sharing experiences or stories. I’ve been using various social media channels, both personally and as an educator, and through these channels I have developed numerous connections and built relationships that have led to unimaginable opportunities, ultimately transforming my outlook on life.

How social media can benefit each part of your school community

1. For students

It is vital as educators that we stay relevant to the lives of our students. With the majority of students engaging with social media, this is a great place to promote learning and engagement. Imagine asking your students to vote on a poll via a social media post, or their opinion on what activities they would like to participate in during sports day.

2. For teachers

Social media is a great source for educators to pick up tips and insights that can benefit them both inside and outside of the classroom. Over the past few years, I have seen tremendous growth in engagement between educators from across the world as they connect and share ideas.

3. For parents

Every school I have worked in sends out multiple email communications to parents weekly, including of course the infamous ‘weekly newsletter’. As technology has moved forward, more adults are using their mobile devices to access information, yet email was designed primarily for the home PC. Enter social media: a simpler, more vibrant method of communication, utilising apps which are perfect for mobile phone users.

4. For your community

Social media has the means to expand communities exponentially. By taking a quick look at Instagram or Twitter, you can see the impact a following can have on a community. This can pave the way for a school to have a dedicated ‘fan’ following that is significantly larger than the immediate community; a positive on all sides when it comes to supporting your school’s journey.

5. For the future

Many teachers look to social media channels to gauge the most progressive and innovative schools. Without a digital presence, some very good schools can be overshadowed by schools that are playing a more active role in contributing to the larger global discussion of education. A strong social media presence can attract the best talent to help nurture a brighter future for your school.

With the right approach, you can create new connections by sharing your learning experiences with your community on a regular basis. You can also create deeper, more meaningful relationships with your students and parents by sharing your stories through fun, visual, and engaging ways by utilising the power of social media.


  • Evo Hannan

    Evo Hannan, driven by his desire to create positive change, has utilised his 20 years of experience to channel into projects which have made an impact across the globe. This inspired him to take a step out of the classroom in July 2021 and start his own education venture called Innovation X, a big thinking company created to help inspire new ideas to move education forward.

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