magical approach to teaching cyber ethics through storytelling, from Vineeta Garg and Gunjan Tomar.

Stories have been used effectively from one generation to another as an effective tool to transfer learning, culture, morals and lessons. Stories help listeners/readers to establish a personal connection. In education, storytelling builds learner engagement. Changing from the physical to the virtual classroom also provides a platform for a shift from physical resource storytelling to digital storytelling.

Researchers have found that emotions play an important role in sustaining learners’ attention and improving their memory and recall. Therefore, the power of effective digital storytelling using digital tools is in demand for today’s educators. Digital storytelling platforms can be effectively used to reinforce cyber ethics across different disciplines for students and individuals to teach them how to be safe and responsible users of cyberspaces.

How to incorporate cyber ethics into digital storytelling

The acronym MAGICAL effectively incorporates the elements of cyber ethics in digital storytelling:

  • Manage your storyline to make it engaging for your audience. While accessing the digital content, manage your devices and digital footprint responsibly.
  • Acceptance for all cultures and individuals incorporated in digital stories caters to all learners’ needs and helps in establishing acceptance of cultural identities in the digital world.
  • Gracious greetings and exchanges can be used to build connections and bridge barriers of relationships in the digital world too.
  • Intent decides the audience engagement. Audience centric and audience sensitive content is most valued in digital spaces too.
  • Concealment of the climax builds audience interest in the storyline. Concealment of identity keeps an individual safe in cyberspace.
  • Avoidance of inappropriate vocabulary is a safe digital storytelling technique and can be translated into the acceptable language students should use in the cyber world.
  • Language that is enriched and audience-appropriate contributes immensely to audience engagement. Understanding and practising writing socially appropriate language online contributes to being a responsible citizen.
The Magical strategy not only makes classroom learning interesting and engaging, but also ensures that the same language of cyber ethics is reinforced through various disciplines through digital storytelling.


  • Vineeta Garg

    Vineeta is an IT head who is passionate about music. She has written and sung many songs on social issues, as well as jingles to help children overcome their anxiety of learning to code. Her outstanding contributions in the field of education have won her many national and international awards.
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