Welcome to the latest R.I.S.E. Pets’ Corner, our editor’s favourite feature each and every issue! We hope you enjoy the cute wellbeing boost from these furry animal friends.

Penny (therapy dog in training)

My favourite word is “GO” – doesn’t matter where but I’m always in; my life is full of adventure! My only fear is camels in Egyptian documentaries. I enjoy birdwatching, snuggling, and training class. I’m a pup-aunt, sister, and soulmate. Follow me on Instagram, I’m kinda a big deal.

Submitted by Jamie Lynn Neal, Garaway High School

Penny - dog


Lenny - dog


Lenny (the Twinkl KS1 mascot)

Lenny keeps me company while I am writing my Twinkl Digest articles from home. He loves bananas, cuddles and chin tickles and hates being alone!

Submitted by Vicki Tayler, Twinkl Digest


Bonnie is an extremely bouncy 3-year-old Boston Terrier! Absolutely loves sleeping in the sunshine and will be your best friend if you give her a treat. Bonnie enjoys a decent wander but is not a fan of wet weather or puddles!

Submitted by Ollie Williams, St John’s Primary School, Redhill

Bonnie - dog


Russell - dog


Russell (the pound dog)

Russell is our little rescue peanut. We adopted him from the pound around 10 years ago and he’s come on leaps and bounds. He still has some anxiety problems like self-soothing licking and biting his nails, but he’s the happiest little soul who loves nothing more than chasing balls and snuggling up on your lap.

Submitted by Cat Allott, Twinkl TA

Phoenix and Dixon (the always hungry guinea pigs)

We love food and cuddles! We will squeak until we get both!

Submitted by Lina Hitchcock, Central Foundation Girls School

Phoenix and Dixon - guinea pigs

Phoenix and Dixon

Chester - dog


Chester (the giver of great hugs)

Chester is a very lively Red Setter but knows when the best time is for a hug or a supportive paw on your knee. I’d love to say that he sits calmly nearby during meetings, but he likes to stick his nose in the camera and tap the keyboard – we’ll keep working on it!

Submitted by Hayley Humphreys, Twinkl (KS1 Team)


Marlow is a 2-year-old Golden Retriever and he loves to run. His favourite word is “walk” and he’ll eat any post that comes through the door when everyone is out. He loves his humans and never leaves their side. Also, he loves to eat toast whenever he can pinch it!

Submitted by Penny Whelan, a Bedfordshire primary school

Marlow - dog


Gus (the gorgeous)

Gus was a surprise for my 30th birthday. The joy he has brought to my life is immeasurable. He loves cuddles, sunny spots to have a nap in and treats. His favourite thing to eat is cauliflower!

Submitted by Helen Waring, Saint Mary’s

Gud - dog


Cyrus - cat



Cyrus was a name given to Persian kings and can mean “sun” or “one who bestows care”. All of which are very fitting; he is my precious ginger sun king. The son of Moon, his home fell through, and my friend thought of me. I had my doubts but teaming up with him was the best decision I have ever made. He is very much my shadow; gentle, loving and forever flopping over for copious tummy tickles. He brings me happiness and healing in equal measure.

Submitted by Vivienne Gittoes, Kinghurst Primary School

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