Welcome to the latest R.I.S.E. Pets’ Corner, our editor’s favourite feature each and every issue! We hope you enjoy the cute wellbeing boost from these furry animal friends.

Smudge - dog



Smudge is Rhiannon and Damien’s pet of 13 years. She is often caught in the office or heard on calls. She is super affectionate and loves to hoover up after the kids. For a little dog, she has a big voice!

Submitted by Rhiannon Challenger – Nexus Education

Darcy (The wellbeing doggo)

The best furry friend I could ask for. She licks my tears away when I cry and always seems to know exactly what I need. We do everything together and I am so proud to be her mommy.

Submitted by Stephanie Gilford – Birmingham Adult Education Service

Darcy - dog


Angel - cat



Angel is an older lady (she turned 13 in May). She has serious cattitude and will give you the stink eye if she is not ‘feeling it.’ However, she is really a big softie, a purr box, and she loves snuggling up for cuddles. She tolerates my kitten Charlie, but she is the real boss!

Submitted by Rebecca Smith – Upton School

Bramble and Haggis

Here are Bramble and Haggis. Bramble has recently turned 1 and is a spirited girl full of energy and joy. Haggis is an older chap who loves a good snooze! Bramble (dog) and Haggis (cat)

Submitted by Matt Dechaine – Matt Dechaine – Coaching and Development

Bramble and Haggis - dog and cat

Bramble and Haggis

KitKat - cat


Gizmo - cat


KitKat and Gizmo

KitKat, the prince of the house. He is 11 years old but does not look it. He spent two years in a rescue centre because no one wanted an older cat. Then he chose me, and he has run my house for the last four years.

My beautiful boy, Gizmo. Ex-farm stray, who picked me to live with, on the recommendation of KitKat. Took two years to go from a frightened skittish start to a total snuggle bug – although he still runs away from most people.

Submitted by Kim Constable.

Old Boy Boo

Boo (full name Boodicus Sparadicus III) was my present for doing well in my GCSE exams in Year 11. With me turning 33 this year, that makes Boo the grand old age of 16! He has some arthritis in his front legs and is almost completely deaf, but he is still the cutest member of our family and his purrs and headbutts are my favourite thing.

Submitted by Cat Allott – Twinkl TA

Old Boy Boo - cat

Old Boy Boo

Finzi - dog



This is Finzi, our 2-year-old Lurcher. He loves snuggles and, despite his size, is a real lapdog. He loves quick sprints around the garden or park followed by at least a 4-hour nap. A real sofa-hound.

Submitted by Bernie Good – Sutton High School


Rory was on his way to ‘the drains’ where unwanted kittens ended up. My daughter Jo was asking for male kittens at the same time. “Ah, give ‘im some ham and he’ll be fine,” she was told. Two years later, no ham, he survived. So proud of him and my daughter who rescued him.

Submitted by Wendy White – My Mood Stars

Rory - cat


Draco - cat


Moon - cat


Draco and Moon

Draco and Moon are now a year old and coming home to them each day is my favourite thing!

Submitted by Emily Weston – Swindon


Kizzy is a cross between a Tibetan Spaniel and Maltese. She is 8 now, and she is the most adorable and sweet natured dog. She loves running around with children and is definitely an adult seeker for pickups and cuddles. Her favourite toy is a fox that used to squeak (until she chewed it out). It was given to her by her owners when we bought her home as a puppy. She has a cheeky and funny personality and loves to play ‘chase’ – you chase her then she chases you.

Submitted by Susan Harvey – Nurture Gnomes

Kizzy - dog


Pippa and Peppa - two chickens

Pippa and Peppa

Pippa and Peppa

These are Pippa and Peppa. Pippa (the more colourful one) was our first bantam chicken. We hatched her from an egg using an incubator. The following year, when she became broody, she hatched some eggs. One of her daughters is still with us (and currently broody – so not feeling very photogenic.) Peppa (the one with the darker colouring) came to join us last year. Once they sorted out the ‘pecking order’ they became firm friends and now they follow each other everywhere.

Submitted by Oliver Wright – Twinkl Senior Leadership Team


This is Chang, a Shar-Pei. Chang is stubborn, hates fuss, and can be found always looking to escape when he visits doggy fun parks. He has a little brother who he fights with daily, when he is not busy breaking the ‘no sofa’ rule constantly! One last thing about this little man: he has the teeniest, finest ears that feel like velvet.

Submitted by Annie Pendrey – Author

Chang - dog


Piper - dog



Piper has been making visits to my school for the past five years, and it is like her second home. She loves to wander into classrooms and spread love and joy, but her favourite time of day is morning break when she can play outside with our children. Piper is as soft as butter, adores our children and staff, and even played the role of the donkey when we videoed our nativity last year! She is also fantastic for my well-being, as she expects to be taken for a walk in the local park at lunchtime so she can chase squirrels, and I can get out of my office for an hour.

Submitted by Wendy Kelly – Earlsheaton Infant School

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