Welcome to the latest R.I.S.E. Pets’ Corner, our editor’s favourite feature each and every issue! We hope you enjoy the cute wellbeing boost from these furry animal friends.


Monty the diabetic cat has had three stays in ITU (Intensive Therapy Unit) at Cambridge University Veterinary Hospital, so technically he’s a Cambridge graduate! He is my office manager and is all-round great company. He loves a takeaway, but they are banned as they throw off his blood sugar!

Submitted by Julia Hancock – Boundless Learning Ltd

Monty - cat.


Minnie-paws - cat

Minnie - paws

Lysander - cat


Minnie-paws (the menopause mascot) and Lysander (the recovering scaredy-cat)

Minnie-paws and Lysander are both rescue cats. They had troubled starts in life. They are, like the best of us, a bit battle scarred and slightly neurotic – and they’re fluffy. They remind me, and hopefully others, about coping with ageing, with discomfort, with inconvenience, with anxiety, with loss – and with the sheer effrontery of being denied one’s own way!

Submitted by Helen Clare – Menopause in Schools Adult Education Service

Biscuit - cat


Muffin - cat


Coco - dog


Muffin the fluffy-tailed cat (sister), Biscuit the missing-tailed cat (brother) and Coco the chocolate Labrador (no relation to the cats!)

I don’t know where I would be without my animals – those here currently and those who have passed on. They are wonderful companions who never judge and provide me with oodles of peace, laughter and joy. The cats are teenagers and Coco is their annoying little sister!

Submitted by Toria Bono – Tiny Voice Talks


While Margot may look refined and relaxed, she’s never happier than when she’s hunting!

Submitted by Olly Lewis – TDET


Margot - cat


Oddsock - dog



Oddsock howls at sirens, enjoys cuddles and continuously eats dried fish, but is the best supporter of his owner Caz’s work and PhD in ML in education. He has worked through many hours of education and data research. He’s a pro!

Submitted by Caroline Keep – UCLan

Monkey (the weathervane cat)

Monkey is our rescue cat and we have had him for about 3 years. He loves Dreamies and scratchies. He has a gift for sleeping in various places!

Submitted by Maria Wojciechowska-Caneda

Monkey - cat


Mittens - cat, Ella - dog

Mittens and Ella

Sooty - cat


Sooty (the precious cat, as my twin girls say), Mittens (wee-wee cat – no prizes for guessing what she does!) and Ella (the labradoodle)

No matter what has happened during the day, all three pets are waiting to give lots of love amid the chaos of home life with three young children. My twins usually blame one of them for the mishaps that go on. Sooty is exceptionally talented at drawing on walls around the house. Ella is particularly talented at eating food that is high up in drawers and cupboards and unwrapping food perfectly with her paws!

Submitted by Kate Sturdy – Broughton Primary School

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