The Nexus Education team talk about their company’s journey and how they support both educators and businesses in the education sector.


  • Rhiannon Challenger

    Rhiannon is the editor and community engagement manager at Nexus Education. She grows and supports its online community and collates and shares blogs around education. Rhiannon also works as a supply teaching assistant, mostly in SEN and ASL settings.
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  • Mike Reardon

    Mike co-founded Nexus Education as a result of the challenges around budgeting and school collaboration he was experiencing as a chair of governors of a small rural primary school in Shropshire. Outside of Nexus, he has a passion for triathlon and is also an on-call firefighter.
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  • Damien Challenger

    Damien is the co-founder of Nexus Education, a free platform that has provided nearly £200k in funding to schools since 2018 and saved SLT over 18,000 hours. As well as Nexus, he is also a vice chair of governors and a local town councillor.
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