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In a world where there are so many podcasts, books and apps in education, it’s difficult to know what to listen to, what to read and what apps to try. It’s a difficult task with so much amazing content out there, so if have a recommendation, please do reach out to me on social media @ICTEvangelist. I’d love to hear about your podcast, get a copy of your book to check out or your app to try!

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Must-listen podcast

Recommended podcast – EduFuturists

I do love my podcasts and I share on quite a few of them myself, so with Bett coming up in March, it’d be remiss of me to not mention that NetSupport Radio is the official broadcaster at the event this year. Please do tune in every day to listen live (which you can do so here) and check out the highlights from our host for NetSupport Radio, the inimitable Mr Russell Prue – plus, all of the speakers and guests presenting at Bett 2022 That said though, I’d really like to share a fantastic podcast that I’ve been a guest on, as has our Group CEO, Al Kingsley. Jam-packed in every episode with fantastic insights, news, views and experiences, the Edufuturists podcast is a great listen, with wide-ranging guests from Guy Claxton to David Price OBE to the co-founder of Elon Musk’s school, Josh Dahn. There’s lots to like and learn.

Front cover of 'The Headteacher's handbook', by Rae Snape.

Must-read book

Recommended book – ‘The Headteacher’s Handbook’, by Rae Snape

There are so many books on the market being written and shared by educators at the moment, so it’s difficult to sort the proverbial wheat from the chaff. That said, one book that has really struck a chord with me in recent times is “The Head Teacher’s Handbook – The essential guide to leading a primary school” by Rae Snape.

Whilst specifically exploring leadership within a primary school context, there is lots in here that is relevant to all of those in education, and so it should… with the author being a solid member of my online PLN for a long time, I was not surprised to find that the book is truly great. With lots of personal insights and advice shared, to broader case studies and sharing from the likes of Paul Dix, R.I.S.E. magazine contributor Christalla Jamil and the always-brilliant Mary Myatt. “The Head Teacher’s Handbook” is a super-helpful book, for those in post, those aspiring to be a headteacher and even for those looking to learn more about the many facets to a leadership role. It gets a big thumbs up from me and can be purchased from all good book shops.

Must-have app

Recommended app– Made to stick

Well, we could be here for some time, but I will limit myself to just the one choice for the ‘must-have app’ this edition. An app which is available for free on both Android and iOS, this app is great for many reasons; from supporting learning, teaching, collaboration, ideating, sharing and so much more…

So, “what is this amazing app?” I hear you ask? Well, it is none other than the humble ‘Post-It’ app. Versatile in its uses and easy to get to grips with, this tool not only allows you to create your own Post-its and Post-it boards, but where it really comes into its own is its ability to convert your paper-based Post-its into digitised ones which can then be broken down, categorised, annotated, shared more widely – it’s great! It’s been a firm favourite of mine for many years, loving Post-its as I do for activities in the classroom. It helps negate some of the issues you may experience when using paper Post-its for learning: losing them, them losing their stickiness, the arrangement of them going missing – all sorts. Now, with this app, you can use them in your class without worry or concern.

You can download the app for Android here and on the Apple App Store here.

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We’d love to hear what you think if you listen to the recommended podcast, use the recommended app or check out the recommended book!


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