A recommended podcast, book and app from NetSupport staff.

In each edition of R.I.S.E., we share a recommended podcast, app and book we think would be of interest to our readers. We’ve had some great ones so far, from podcasts such as ‘ The Retro Hour,’ apps such as ‘Lucidchart’ and books such as ‘ Parenting for a Digital Future.’

For this issue, we reached out again to our NetSupport family and gathered some recommendations to share with you.

Asha wearning a Darknet Diaries podcast T-shirt.

Asha wearing a Darknet Diaries podcast T-shirt.

Must-listen podcast

Recommended podcast – Darknet Diaries

Recommended by Asha Zealand, Information Security Analyst: ‘Darknet Diaries’ is an entertaining and educational podcast which beautifully recounts real stories from ‘the dark side of the internet.’ Whether you’re well versed in IT or simply down to get a bit nerdy, Darknet Diaries provides many eye-opening perspectives from incident responders and penetration testers to childhood game exploiters and hackers themselves. For me, it provides insight into the threats many aim to protect against, sometimes showing how scarily simple some tools and techniques are. It also reinforces our need to nail the basics of awareness and due diligence with everyday tech, both inside and outside the workplace. Check out Darknet Diaries here.

Must-read book

Recommended book – Think! Metacognition-Powered Primary Teaching by Anoara Mughal

Recommended Kat Cauchi, Community Engagement Manager: ‘Think!’ is a fantastic exploration of metacognition that not only gives the reader a good insight into what metacognition is and how it can support learning, but also the potential pitfalls and misconceptions that need to be addressed for effective research-informed practice. Full of practical strategies to use in the classroom, helpful diagrams/tables to use for reference and questions to reflect on, ‘Think!’ is a must read to add to your collection.

R.I.S.E. Editor, Kat, holding the book 'Think! Metacognition-powered primary teaching' by Anoara Mughal

R.I.S.E. Editor, Kat, holding the book 'Think!' by Anoara Mughal

buzzsprout logo

Must-have app

Recommended app – Buzzsprout

Recommended by Eddie Elmore, Senior Graphic Designer: Buzzsprout is a podcasting platform that contains everything you need to host, promote and track your podcast.

It’s a great tool for beginners and more seasoned podcasters alike. You can edit your podcast, upload it to your own podcast website, customise the embed players, publish to all the major directories, and fnally, get to check out those all-important tracking stats!
A free plan allowing 2hrs of uploads per month is a great way to try the platform out.

Try Buzzsprout here.

We’d love to hear what you think if you listen to the recommended podcast, use the recommended app or check out the recommended book!


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