Discover books to to support your professional development, personal development; or to put on your class bookshelf. Recommended for educators by our R.I.S.E. authors.

'The Dark Net' by Jamie Bartlett (book)

‘The Dark Net’ – Jamie Bartlett

Recommended by: Traci Good

The book I have chosen is ‘The Dark Net’ by Jamie Bartlett, first published in 2014, so it’s quite old now. The reason I chose it is because it takes a long look back at how the internet has evolved over the past few decades. The online world was never designed for children and this book looks at the ways that nefarious users have helped shape it for their own gain, the lengths they go to to hide their identities and how safeguarding children has struggled to keep up. A great read, especially for DSLs who ponder, ‘How on earth did we get to this point?’ and anyone interested in the darker side of the online world.

'Putting Staff First' by John Tomsett and Jonny Uttley (book).

‘Putting Staff First’ – John Tomsett and Jonny Uttley

Recommended by: Penny Whelan

This book is fantastic for anyone in – or aspiring to – leadership. It discusses how important it is to look after the staff in a school, to ensure that they are healthy, happy and able to give their all to the students in their care. It talks about how we need to motivate and train staff, to encourage them to succeed, to be effective practitioners and to be able to manage workload and work-life balance. Teacher wellbeing is pivotal and if we look after our staff and provide for them, they will be in the best possible place to be able to look after and educate our pupils.

'Rickshaw Girl' by Mitali Parkins (book).

‘Rickshaw Girl’ – Mitali Perkins

Recommended by: Jordan Day

‘Rickshaw Girl’ tells the story of a young girl in rural Bangladesh breaking stereotypes to help her father. The engaging characters and original plot transport the reader to a beautiful setting and my class broke into spontaneous applause when I finished reading it to them. A real hidden gem of a book.

'Jack and the Beanstalk' - The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales (book).

Jack and the Beanstalk – The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

Recommended by: Tasha Fletcher

Fee-fi-fo-fum! This timeless story never gets old. I like reading and recreating different scenes each year that provoke an invitation to play. Children love hearing all about magical creatures and there’s something more intriguing about magical and mischievous giants! Of course, the Brothers Grimm offer so many other jovial fairy tales, but what’s more daring than dining in a giant’s castle above the clouds for breakfast? Filled with lovely illustrations, this book is perfect for exciting children’s imaginations and is suitable for all learning areas.

'The Midnight Library' by Matt Haig (book)

The Midnight Library – Matt Haig

Recommended by: Helen Waring

I treated myself to this as a post-Christmas 2020 read after a rubbish year of lockdown and, not having read for pleasure for a while, I thought I’d give this a go. Funny, sad, happy and different. It gave me the reading bug again and it helped me to get out of the funk I didn’t even know I’d been in. A definite must-read!

'Why Don't Students Like School?' by Daniel T Willingham (book).

Why Don’t Students Like School? – Daniel T Willingham

Recommended by: Evo Hannan

This book provides an insight into a range of different perspectives into why students can find the school system a bit of a struggle. As a student in a state school growing up, I often found myself talking to my friends about this topic on a regular basis. It was only as a teacher that I started to take a closer look at this. This book inspires you to think differently about your students and how to get the best out of them. One to add to your reading list.


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