Discover the education-themed books educators are reading right now with this selection recommended by R.I.S.E. readers.

Penny Whelan with 'Tiny Voices Talk' book.

‘Tiny Voices Talk’ by Toria Bono

Recommended by: Penny Whelan

Toria Bono has put together content from more than 30 of her Tiny Voice Talks contributors to produce a wonderful book full of practical advice and real-life experiences of being in education. Each chapter takes only a few minutes to read and is something really special that you can dip into when you’ve got some time. I’ve loved reading the pieces by other educators and learning more about them (as well as about myself ). It’s a real celebration of teaching and of life. A must-have for everyone!


Bukky Yusuf holds 'The Teaching and Learning Playbook'.

‘The Teaching and Learning Playbook’ by Michael Feely and Ben Karlin

Recommended by: Bukky Yusuf

This is a book by teachers and leaders for teachers and leaders. It’s clear the book has been designed to be highly accessible for teachers who are looking to improve specifc pedagogical practices. The six teaching point chapters are bitesize professional development. Each ‘codifed skill’ is covered in a succinct and practical manner with four key points to prevent the reader becoming overwhelmed with diferent elements to try out.

I loved the fact that ‘unhealthy mutations’ of good practices are also included. This helps to equip the reader to spot strategies that hinder student learning and ultimately their progress. In addition to this book, there are videos for every element covered within the six teaching point chapters. If, during 2023, you are looking for a framework to aid your development within specifc aspects of teaching and learning, then you must get a copy of this book.


Book cover of '50 tips for new teachers'

’50 Tips for New Teachers’ by Dr. Matthew Rhoads et al.

Recommended by: Renee Dawson

An information-packed read with useful workbook features, ‘50 Tips’ is the 21st Century teacher’s guidebook to the school and classroom world. Whether you are a new teacher trying to fnd your way in education or a veteran teacher looking to refresh your craft, this book is for you! I like to use it as a reference guide for tips and strategies in coaching sessions with teachers. However, it is also organized to read chronologically if desired. The work pages are easy to duplicate and helpful to use to organize your thoughts and create plans for the diferent strategies featured.


Book cover: 'The Joy Of Not Knowing' by Hannah Harris

A Mammoth Lesson: Teaching in the Digital Age’ by Brett Salakas

Recommended by: Mark Anderson

Teaching and learning with technology is not an easy endeavour. From your SAMR (substitution, augmentation, modifcation and redefnition) to your TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge) to your RAT (Replacement, Amplifcation, Transformation), there are many ways to approach using EdTech in the classroom. Salakas’‘Mammoth lesson’ takes on the issues surrounding using edtech with self-confdence. With blistering honesty from his own life, sharing personal difculties, Salakas uses the acronym of ‘SPEARS’ from a fctional story shared at the beginning of the book about a woolly mammoth hunt. From the six ‘SPEARS’ principles, he gives educators a great set of guiding principles to direct their use of and thinking around technology in education.


Penny Whelan holds the book 'Colour blindness and me'.

‘Colour Blindness and Me’ by Malachi Sawyer

Recommended by: Penny Whelan

‘Colour Blindness and Me’ is a non-fction book written by 10-year-old Malachi, who, through sharing his own personal experience of being red-green colour blind, seeks to raise awareness about the needs of the 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women who are afected. Whilst doing so, he also conveys an important message about being unique, that all children (whether they have a disability or not), would beneft from hearing. The layout of the book allows you to experience frst-hand how the world looks through the eyes of Malachi and it is an engaging read. I thoroughly recommend it!


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