Discover books to to support your professional development, personal development; or to put on your class bookshelf. Recommended for educators by our R.I.S.E. authors.

Book cover: 'Red Red Red' by Polly Dunbar

‘Red Red Red’ by Polly Dunbar

Recommended by: Sammy White

This book is about a toddler becoming frustrated and expressing their anger and how calm breathing calms them down. Although about a toddler, this book is useful to read with up to 7-year-olds. For older children, the framing of a toddler becoming angry can allow them to see how sometimes they can fall into angry moments too. For younger children, the book has brilliant illustrations to help them see the emotions of the toddler and describe what is happening. Pausing and reflecting on the power of breathing when reading the book helps remind children of the power of pausing and taking a moment to reflect. A short but powerful read with lots of talking points to discuss with children.

Book cover: 'Pathless Path: Imaging a New Story for Work and Life' by Paul Millerd

‘The Pathless Path: Imagining a New Story for Work and Life’ by Paul Millerd

Recommended by: Oliver Wright

This book is difficult to categorise. Not self-help, yet not totally a biography either. Millerd starts as an outwardly
successful 30-something with a high paid job and an impressive list of achievements. He, however, sensed that
this was ultimately unfulfilling for him. It’s the story of how he experimented with different ways of working,
eventually piecing together a set of ideas and principles that help him find a way forward. Maybe not the most
obvious read for anyone in education, but it’s worth reading to help us think about the choices we make and
whether they lead to the places we want to be.

Book cover: 'Chess For Educators' by Karel Van Delft

‘Chess for Educators’ by Karel Van Delft

Recommended by: Hari Neocleous

Chess for Educators is for anyone interested in chess education. Van Delft is a Psychologist, Educator and Science Project Manager at The book begins with chess around the world, didactics and the many benefits of the game. The author’s passion for SEN and inclusion shines through as he explores, for example, chess and autism, chess for the blind and chess for girls. He discusses chess research, social chess and chess in the primary classroom. The second half of the book is written in the style of a glossary where terminology, classroom methods and tips are all covered – from the difference between ‘tactic’ and ‘strategy’ to Super Mario Chess! This is the perfect guidebook – an easy-to-read empowering text for all chess educators!

Book cover: 'The Joy Of Not Knowing' by Hannah Harris

‘The Joy of Not Knowing’ by Marcelo Staricoff

Recommended by: Hannah Harris

Staricoff dives into the philosophy of learning and reframes how to approach things you don’t know. The book looks at how settings can use the Joy of Not Knowing (JONK) approach to make their ethos and culture meaningful, inclusive and enjoyable for all pupils. Not only is the book really interesting, but Marcelo is also a lovely guy and has done a TA CPD session with us here at Twinkl TA based on the JONK approach.

Book cover: 'You Are A Badass Everyday' by Jen Sincero

‘You Are A Badass Everyday’ by Jen Sincero

Recommended by: Gemma Drinkall

I definitely recommend ‘You Are A Badass Every Day’ by Jen Sincero. It’s one of those books that is rarely on my bookshelf because I am rereading it all the time. The book is full of daily tips and reminders that you can use in a heartbeat to lift you up and feel positive about yourself, your life and the direction you are heading in. I find it a brilliant reminder for when I’m feeling down and I need a quick boost. It is funny, inspirational and downright awesome and reminds me every day of how awesome I am too.


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